Blossom Of Darkness
- Welcome

         Welcome to Blossom of Darkness! I am Jacquelynn Harris and I make some really cool friendship bracelets and some other things.  If you want to contact me so I can make one (or more) for you, my e-mail is

          For a 1/2 inch (8 strings) name friendship bracelet is $8.
And an inch (16 strings) name friendship bracelet is $16.
I can also do designs.  If you see a bracelet that you want a different color of or that you don't see one that you want, I can do custom orders.  It doesn't cost more if you order a special one from me (except for the add ons if you order any).  

         ​​And if you would like to comment on any of my pictures, there is a link on most of them (if not all) that will bring you to my forum that you will be able to comment on and you don't have to join it if you don't want to.  But I would be happy if you did. Or you could e-mail me.  I do want to know what everyone thinks of my bracelets and if you have any ideas, feel free to let me know.

Warning- They are washer and dryer safe, but
​NOT kitten proof.​​​  I 
recommend that they be put
​in a pocket of jeans or something and then
​washed.  You can find the bracelet easier.
Another warning:  I am an informal person,
​so my sites are informal.  ​
Playing with string is fun!

Changing site name?
I have been considering Blossom of Darkness's name for a while now. I plan on renaming it Knotted Treasures in the coming future. Reason? I am a knotty girl who knots with string to make wonderful treasure. Or something like that. Yeah, I am up to no good. But does that surprise anyone?

Updating announcement
When I update, I will instead of posting a blog entry, I will just post the date of the last update. I have been doing that and I find it less space taking. And sorry for my lack of uploads... I find it more fun to knot then to update, so I have many things I have made that have not made it to the site yet. Oh well, time for another upload...

Major Update (not finished yet)
I am in the middle of updating the website and trying to link them all together. There are new things to check out! So please take your time looking around and come back often, I will be adding new pictures!

Comment Update (Midnight post)
I have been wanting to know what everyone thinks about my bracelets and keychains, so I added a spot on the images where you can click and comment on the pictures. So if you have a spare moment, please feel free to comment on the ones you like (and/ or the ones you don't like).

Forum Update
Sorry I haven't been updated the websites in a while. I've been busy. The forum has more pictures now. Please feel free to check them out and leave comments. Join if you want to.

1st mass update!
I finally watermarked most of my pictures! I hope you all like them and there will be more to come!

There are now different parts of the website.
Order pictures and information
More pictures and forum
Sorry they are not hyperlink. At the topish of the website they are.

1st Mass order
My forth order is finished and I will post pictures of them later. If you like them, please comment.
And I am happy to know that I can add pages to my website! Now to figure out how to add more memory...

A new website is born...
It is finally time to make a webpage so I can show everyone my bracelets. I will be posting some bracelet pictures so come back often. And I might even post other things as well! I hope you all enjoy my new website.

If you would like to join my forum, please do so at

The links to the other 2 parts of the website:
More pictures:​
And the forum:​​
The fun mini-store of string related happiness!
I made the pac man bracelet for my mom.​
Click to comment​
Go Umbreon!  Use ______________!
(What attack would you want it to use?​)
Current projects: ????.

  Pictures posted soon (maybe...)​
WARNING: I don't update the site too often.
I find making the bracelets and stuff more
fun to make then updating the website. S​
o don't be surprised if some pages are missing stuff.​  So come by every once in a while; there might be more things to enjoy!
Page last updated:  3/16/18

Disclaimer:  I don't own Pokemon or the other stuff, I just knot them.  'Cuz I am a knotty girl after all...​​ (;